Friday, July 18, 2008

Margaret Robbins

Margaret Robbins was born on January 14th 1957 in York County, South Carolina. Her parents are Earl and Viola Robbins, both incredibly skilled potters. She started making Pottery in 1987, learning the tradition from her parents. Margaret is a traditional Catawba Potter. She digs clay from the traditional clay holes, prepares the clay using ancient methods, and creates pottery in traditional methods using ancient forms as well as some forms of her own design. Some of the traditional forms that she makes include wedding jugs, canoes, turtle effigies, snake pots, peace pipes, as well as many others. Her signature pieces include the Sun bowl, Old Maid Jugs, Feather pot, Earl pot, and Viola pot. She enjoys the creative aspect of pottery making. She is still very active in the pottery tradition and believes that she is very lucky to have her parents as mentors and teachers. She has three children, all of whom learned the pottery tradition from her.

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